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STEROCLEAR 50 Nasal Spray 200 Sprays Pharmacy Medicine

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Short term prevention and treatment of hayfever. 

Shake well before use.


Each spray contains budesonide 50 micrograms


Adults and children over 12 years: Initially 1 or 2 sprays into each nostril twice a day, then after 2 to 3 days, 1 spray into each nostril twice a day.

Do not use in children under 12 years old.

Dose should be reduced for maintenance treatment once full effect is obtained.


Do not:

- Use with another steroid product, e.g. tablets, asthma or nasal inhaler, except on the advice of a healthcare professional

- Use for longer than 6 months except on the advice of a healthcare professional

- Exceed the maximum stated dose


Consult a healthcare professional before use if:

- You have a nasal or sinus infection

- You have recently had and injury or surgery to your nose

- You have ulceration in your nose


Consult your healthcare professional if:

- Your symptoms/condition persist(s) for more than 7 days

- You develop signs/symptoms of nasal infection such as fever, facial pain or swelling, or discoloured nasal discharge

- Your nose bleeds

- You have eye pain or visual disturbances


Store below 30°C

Do not refrigerate

Protect from light

Discard 3 months after first use