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Tebonin EGb 761 30 tablets

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With age our circulatory system can lose efficiency.

The smaller blood vessels of the microcirculation are the first to experience this decline. Red blood cells lose suppleness, capillary walls become less flexible and blood flow is impeded.

The microcirculation carries blood to the extremities including the complex organs such as the brain, eyes, ears, and even hands and feet. Adequate blood flow through the very fine capillaries of the microcirculation is essential for maintaining good health.

A healthy microcirculation supports: cognitive function and focus, mental performance and thought agility, healthy skin, eye health, inner-ear peace and normal balance.

Why take Tebonin ĺ¨

Teboninĺ¨ EGb 761ĺ¨to provide natural support for normal and healthy:

Brain and cognitive function

Mental performance and focus

Concentration and alertness

Inner ear calm and quiet

Normal balance

Other key points

Used internationally - Over 650 published clinical & scientific studies

Well-established safety profile

Promotes overall good health

How does it work?

Tebonin helps maintain healthy blood circulation to all areas of the body.

Rich in anti-oxidants Tebonin supports healthy capillaries and assists with cell neuroprotection. Tebonin helps maintain and support: mental alertness and performance, focus and concentration, normal brain function and activity, healthy cognitive function, calm and quiet inner ears, normal balance.

Take 1 Tebonin 120mg tablet daily with or without food. For more intensive use take 2 tablets daily

120mg of the proprietary Ginkgo biloba extract EGb 761 (50:1); equivalent to 6g dry leaf and standardised to 3.5mg bilobalide and 3.7mg ginkgolides