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Menevit Male Fertility Supplement 30 capsules

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Menevit is a male fertility supplement that is specifically formulated to help promote sperm health.
Key benefits
Planning to start or extend your family is an exciting time.
Women are well aware of the importance of lifestyle changes, pre-conception and pregnancy supplements. Men can also take positive steps to support conception by adopting a healthier lifestyle, and in particular being aware of sperm health. Menevit is a unique combination of antioxidants specifically formulated to maintain sperm health for couples planning pregnancy.
Factors influencing sperm health
Many things can affect sperm defenses, DNA integrity and reduce the ability to swim.
Sperm health may be affected by an unhealthy lifestyle (eg. poor diet, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, stress). Other contributing causes can include environmental factors (eg. pollution, pesticides), diseases and ill health.

Men – Take 1 capsule daily with food.
Since sperm production cycles take 74-78 days, Menevit should ideally be taken from 3 months before couples start trying for pregnancy.
Men should continue taking Menevit whilst actively trying for pregnancy or as directed by their healthcare professional.