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SLIMFIT Appetite Reducer 60 XLS Medical Capsules

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SLIMFIT Appetite Reducer Capsules 60s XLS Medical

SLIMFIT Appetite Reducer is clinically proven to promote
weight loss through reduced food intake.
Designed for the management of appetite, food cravings and
unhealthy eating habits
Redusure a proprietary blend of dietary fibres forms a thick
gel which fills up to 43% of the stomach
Active ingredient comes from natural organic plant sources
Helps men and women who struggle to control portion sizes
Support for those on meal replacements or very low calorie
Leads a pleasant feeling of fullness, before leaving the
system naturally
Take 2 capsules 30 mins before meal or meal replacement =
1 month supply
*Bongartz, U., Uebelhack, R., Grube, B., Chong, P., Alt, F. (2016). Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, bicentric clinical investigation to evaluate the benefit and
tolerability of Redusure IQP-AK-102 in reducing body weight in overweight and obese subjects, 4(July), 7382. Advancement in Medical Plant Research

Always read label and use as directed.

Always read label and use as directed

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