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SolarCare B3 Super B3 Serum 30ml

SolarCare B3 Super B3 Serum 30ml

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SolarCareB3 Super B3 Serum is the most powerful tool for repairing sun damaged skin with twice the regular concentration of vitamin B3 (10% niacinamide) PLUS the power of 2.3% Hyaluronic Acid Complex, which hydrates and plumps for healthier looking skin.

The serum formula is supported by antioxidants (Super Oxide Dismutase) which break down potentially harmful molecules and protect your skin’s DNA from more sun damage.

Apply topically to face, neck, decolletage and on the back of hands morning and night before moisturising with the signature SolarCareB3.

Always read the label & Use as directed

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