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Nurofen for Children Strawberry flavour 100ml

Nurofen for Children Strawberry flavour 100ml

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NUROFEN FOR CHILDREN is a pleasant tasting sugar free syrup formulated to target pain and fever in children

Product Features
Starts to get to work in 15 minutes to relieve fever
Provides relief for up to 8 hours
Relieves Cold and Flu symptoms
Sugar free formulation
Contains ibuprofen

As your child grows up, fever, aches and pains can happen all too often.
Nurofen for Children contains ibuprofen to effectively provide relief from fever, teething pain, tooth aches, earaches,sore throats headaches body aches and cold and flu symptoms.
The strawberry flavour is great tasting, sugar free and colour free, and each bottle comes with an easy dosing syringe

Always read the label & Use as directed

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