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MoliCare Premium Bed Mat 7 Drops

MoliCare Premium Bed Mat 7 Drops

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MoliNea has been rebranded to MoliCare Premium Bed Mat

There is no change to product.

MoliCare Bed Mat 7 drops with cellulose fluff containing absorbent core and waterproof polyethylene backsheet for reliable bed or chair protection. Suitable for use as a direct incontinence bed mat or as additional bed protection when used with or without continence pads. Two sizes.

  • Core with soft cellulose fluff for fast absorbtion
  • Waterproof and non slip foil backsheet for high leakage protection
  • Stay dry non woven top layer covers entire surfaces including foil edges and is sealed from edge to edge
  • Hygenic care with single use secure protection
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Pre-folded for simple use and storage

Sold in cartons containing packs of 25 pieces within the carton. This allows for easy movement of product to different areas within a clinical setting or facility. 

Always read the label & Use as directed

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