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Jackson Outbound International Travel Adaptor-PTA8814 USB

Regular price $19.90

JACKSON Outbound Travel Adaptor. With 1x USB Charging Port. Converts NZ/AUS Plugs for use in Sri Lanka & Parts of India.
For Australian & New Zealand Travellers
Use Australian, & NZ appliances in Sri Lanka, Parts of India and Bangladesh plus many more.
This adaptor can be used in the following countries. Bangladesh, Benin, Botswana, Ghana, India, Kenya, Kuwait, Macau, Madeira, Maldives, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Tanzania, Yemen.
Features: USB charging outlet•฀ Light weight•฀ Charges most •฀ iPad® iPhone® iPod® Portable GPS, PDAs, Bluetooth® devices, and MP3 Players.
Product information:
Supply rating 100-240VAC ~ 50/60Hz
Current 10A (Max.)
Power Rating 2400 Watt (max)
USB Outlet 5VDC 1A