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Cleanears ear wax removal spray 30ml

Cleanears ear wax removal spray 30ml

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Cleanears ear wax removal spray 30ml

ear wax (or cerumen) is a normal secretion of the glands in the ear. however, excessive wax build-up could lead to a number of problems including deafness, discomfort and coughing.

Cleanears is a new innovative device that provides efficient ear cleansing and ear wax removal in one simple action. It effectively dissolves and removes ear wax in the external ear canal.

Cleanears provides a mechanical cleansing action using natural oils via an easy-to-use spray applicator. It's use avoids the risk of perforation due to it's equalised pressure and dispersion. With correct use, ear wax will dissolve. As a result, ear wax will be removed within several hours/days through the ear's natural cleaning mechanism.

Cleanears Benefits:

**effective ear wax removal**

**dual action: cleanses and dissolves ear wax**

**prevents ear plugging**

**easy-to-use spray , don't need to lie down or tilt head**

**suitable for all ages including children or elderly patients**

**no preservatives**

**150 doses per canister**

Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Spearmint Oil and Squalene

Directions: Turn applicator clockwise , then apply 1-2 sprays in each ear 3 times per day until wax dissolves. (there is no need to lie down for the application)

Always read the label & Use as directed

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