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Auralgan Ear Drops 15mL

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Auralgan Ear Drops 15ml
Auralgan Ear Drops is specifically formulated with Benzocaine, a local anaesthetic and Phenazone, an analgesic to provide effective relief of the pain associated with Otitis Media.
Otitis Media is an ingection or inflammation of the middle ear. The signs and symptoms include throbbing pain and difficulty hearing.
Active Ingredients:
Phenazone 54mg
Benzocaine 14mg
Hydroxyquinoline Sulfate 375μg/ml as the preservative.
Use Auralgan Ear Drops at room temperature.
Fill ear canal and plug ear with cotton wool moistened with Auralgan Ear Drops.
Repeat every 1-2 hours until pain is relieved.

Do not use if you have:
  • A perforated ear drum
  • Discharge from the ear
  • Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients or similar substances.