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Asteroid Ointment 30 gm

Asteroid Ointment 30 gm

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Asteroid Ointment™ rapidly cools and soothes the anal area. The specially formulated barrier ointment also protects sensitive tissue, so you can feel more comfortable and confident as you get on with your day. Asteroid Ointment™ is steroid free which means it is fine for daily use, unlike some preparations which contain steroid ingredients. Note: Preparations which contain steroids should not be used for more than 7 days. Ask your pharmacist for more advice.

For best results, Asteroid Ointment™ should be applied after a bowel motion, but it is safe to use in between times too, up to three times a day.

Note: do not apply Asteroid Ointment™ if there is bleeding from the anal region without first consulting your doctor.

Important: Do not apply Asteroid Ointment™ if haemorrhoids have been present for a prolonged time, or if there is bleeding or mucosal damage around the anal region without first consulting your doctor.

1. Squeeze a small amount of Asteroid Ointment™ from the nozzle end of the tube onto a wipe or toilet tissue.
2. Apply gently to the anal region up to three times per day until condition is controlled.
3. For best results apply after a bowel motion.
4. Tube can be used for one year after opening.
5. Store at room temperature and avoid temperatures over 30°C.

See your doctor if symptoms persist.

Always read the label & Use as directed

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