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Wartner Wart Remover

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Wartner is the only OTC product that treats warts in 20 seconds.

Wartner freezes the wart on the spot, resulting in the formation of an (in)visible blister under the wart.

After about 10 days, the frozen skin with the treated wart will fall off.

Normal warts are benign growths which consist of a nucleus of connective tissue with blood vessels covered with layers of epithelial tissue.

You can recognize a normal wart by its rough, 'cauliflower'-like surface. If you are not 100% certain whether the skin condition is a wart, consult your general practitioner.

Active Ingredients: Wartner consist of :

# An aerosol spray can with a mixture of dimethylether and propane, which is not harmful to the environment

# Holder for the foam applicator

# Ten foam applicators for ten treatments with Wartner

Dosage: Just one treatment is usually sufficient. Two or three applications are recommended for stubborn or more persistent warts and verrucas. Allow 15 days between treatments.

Warnings: Wartner is for the treatment of warts and not for other conditions which may resemble warts.

Do not use Wartner for moles, sun spots, birth marks or skin tags.

Wartner should never be used on areas of thin skin (e.g. face, neck, armpits, breasts, bottom) or on genital warts.

Wartner is not suitable for diabetics, for people with poor circulation and during pregnancy.

Not for use on children under the age of 4.

If there are multiple warts on a finger/or toe, treat only one at a time - treat each remaining wart separately with a two-week interval between treatments.

Suitable for external use only.

Use one foam applicator for each wart and use each foam applicator only once.