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Veet Leg Wax Strips Normal Skin 20

Veet Leg Wax Strips Normal Skin 20

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Sometimes, all it takes is a good idea to make life that little bit easier. Did you know, the most common mistake in using a wax strip is removing it from the corner? EasyGrip Wax Strips have a handy tab that makes it easier than ever to achieve the best technique. There is also extra room on the tab to allow for a better grip!

A few seconds is all it takes to warm a wax strip between your hands, apply and remove. Each one has been carefully chosen to leave you feeling pampered and ready for anything.

So now you can always feel silky smooth and radiant. Just wax and go for up to 4 weeks of smoothness!

Pack Contents

Normal: 20 Wax Strips with 4 Perfect Finish Wipes

Working Time

No preparation time - the wax strips are ready to use

Always read the label & Use as directed

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