Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Head Lice Kit 125gm

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The gentle solution to remove head lice and nits.
Thursday Plantation Head Lice Kit contains a clear Tea Tree Head Lice gel to easily identify and cover nits and head lice and a specially designed comb with stainless steel, cylindrical teeth to gently eliminate nits and head lice
The thick gel encapsulates the head lice and nits, making it easier to remove them using the fine toothed comb.
The strong, stainless steel comb with long teeth finely spaced traps nits and remove them from the hair shaft
Pesticide free, perfect for safety-conscious parents
Free from synthetic parabens, propylene glycol, SLS, silicons, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, synthetic preservatives and animal derived ingredients
Ideal for the whole family
No mess, no drip gel to avoid run-off into children's eyes
Gel contains Australian Tea Tree Oil
Lower risk of potential skin sensitisation due to low para-cymene content of Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil
Can be used in conjunction with Thursday Plantation Everyday conditioner which works quickly to gently detangle knots
Directions for Use:
Do not leave children unsupervised
Brush hair to remove knots
Apply gel to dry hair, ensuring scalps and hair are completely covered
Leave gel in hair for 20 minutes
Rinse in warm water
For best results, apply Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Conditioner (not included in the kit)
Comb through with nit comb provided, ensuring not to miss any sections of hair
Wipe combings onto a tissue
Rinse comb in warm water after each comb through
Repeat the above process in 7 days. Regular maintenance with Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner is recommended.
If concerned about sensitivity, apply ½ teaspoon of gel to forearm and rinse after 20 minutes. If irritation occurs within the next 24 hours, do not use this product.