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Rheumon Gel For Arthritis Pain 50gm

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Rheumon Gel

Rheumatic diseases of soft tissues of the musculo-skeletal system, e.g. muscular rheumatism Lumbago (lower back pain) Sciatica (intense nerve pain by compression of the sciatic nerve supplying the let) Tenosynovitis (inflammation of the membrane sheath around certain tendons) Bursitis (inflammation of a bursae - a small fluid filled sac that reduces friction around joints) Blunt traumas such as those caused by a sporting injury (contusions, sprains and strains)

Nature and Duration of Use

Rheumon Gel should not be used on skin which is broken or inflamed with eczema Rheumon Gel should not be brought into contact with mucous membranes or eyes Treatment period can be between a few days and several months.

Always read label and use as directed.