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Lifemum Calci Energy + for Mum 60 Capsules

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Lifemum Calci Energy + for Mum 60 Capsules
With calcium, B12 and magnesium, Lifemum Calci-Energy+ is clinically formulated to provide essential micronutrient support for mum & baby, both during & after pregnancy.
Formulated to support
• The production of energy release
• Healthy bones & teeth for baby & mum
• Nervous system development & immunity
• Women on a low dairy, vegan or vegetarian diet to help meet RDI
Why should I take?
Calcium stores are depleted in pregnancy, so mums who are vegetarian, vegan, ‘flexitarian’ or low-dairy can find it challenging to get an adequate intake.
Ingredients Per Dose:
Calcium 400mg
Vitamin B12 2.6mcg
Magnesium 40mg
How do I take?
Take 2 capsules daily with meals after pregnancy & while breastfeeding as part of a balanced diet.
Always read label & use as directed.