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Kaloba EPs 7630 Liquid for viral bacterial infection Natural recovery

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Kaloba Soothes nose sinuses throat bronchi 


Kaloba EPs 7630 Liquid

Kaloba EPs® 7630 is a highly-concentrated root extract from the Pelargonium sidoides grown in South Africa.  It has been scientifically and clinically proven in double blind placebo controlled studies with over 10,000 patients (involving adults and children from 1yr) do have the following properties.

  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Immunodulating (Your immune system responds when under attack)
  • The respiratory system (nose, throat, chest, sinuses) is prone to infections.  The first signs of a viral infection are; tickle in throat, itchy eyes, sore or aching body, runny nose.  Kaloba EPs® 7630 guards against this infection by creating a protective coating film over the mucous membrane.  This make it difficult for the viruses to get hold/attach to the cells and thus the viral attack is stopped.

    Kaloba EPs® 7630 is also affective after an infection has subsided or when a viral infection turns into a more serious secondary bacterial infection, by reducing the infiltration of new viruses and bacteria.  In summary Kaloba EPs® 7630 deals to the root cause of infections and deals to them quickly and efficiently.